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Hello fellow foodies!! For the last week I have been reading the March episode of Gourmet Traveller (the big Italian issue) as we are going to Italy this September. We have decided on going to Sicily for a week and then to explore the Amalfi Coast. I am so excited to try all of the traditional Sicilian street food which I found out includes arancino (rice balls filled with vegetables or meat and cheese), pane e panelle (chickpea fritters famous in Palermo – capital of Sicily) and fresh brioche filled with fruit, coffee or nougat ice-cream. As I was flicking through the magazine a recipe stood out to me. “A tomato-and-almond number hailing from the coast of Sicily”?? Who doesn’t love the sound of that? I am also a sucker for handmade pasta, and love to try new methods and different types. So here it is, my attempt at the dish.

Handmade busiate with pesto Trapanese

AFTER making the dough, I made the pasta into fettucini using the pasta machine.
NEXT I rolled the pasta around a skewer to create that spiralled effect of busiata.
UP close of pasta
UP close of pasta.

To make the pesto I smashed fresh basil, oil, garlic and 80g blanched almonds (roasted) in a mortar and pestle to form a paste, then 6 blanched roma tomatoes and seasoned to taste. Garnish with mint leaves.

FINISHED product!!
FINISHED product!!

2 thoughts on “Recipe of the Week

  1. You have to have a brioche filled with nougat icecream for me when you are in Sicily!! Yummo! Being born in Ingham where there are still lots of Sicilians and their offspring, I can’t wait to hear more.


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