New cookbook – Phillipa’s Home Baking 

This new ‘baking bible’ has kept my baking cravings satisfied. From traditional cakes to tasty slices this book covers everything a baker needs to know. Phillipa Grogan opened her shop in Armadale, Melbourne in 1994 and it has been a thriving success ever since. Her and her husband Andrew’s philosophy is to use real quality ingredients and to start from scratch in order to make each dish special. And this is exactly what I believe too. What is the point of saying you made something if half of it was from a packet? It can be a good time saver for busy, on-the-go people but to me I have only really accomplished a dish when I have made it fully from scratch. 

This week I made a quince and almond cake and just as Stephanie Alexander predicted in the foreward, I have broken it in well – there is already a buttery stain. 

Quince and Almond Cake       



Link to Phillippa’s website: 


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