Japanese Jackpot


This Japanese style noodle soup definitely hits the spot as we enter the colder months

I was sitting at a cafe on the weekend, people-watching as you do and decided to look up how to make ramen noodle soup. I’ve been meaning to explore Japanese food more as it is a cuisine I eat often but have never tried to cook. So I googled it. One of the first results was a Miso Ramen soup – the picture was very inviting so I read through the recipe and decided it was a goer!

It is especially important that I learn more about Japanese culture and cuisine because at school we find out next week if we got into the Japan trip which is next year. If anyone has any other good Japanese recipes that I could try please comment!

The toppings I chose were Chashu pork – the recipe is from the same website, bean sprouts, corn, boiled egg and pickled ginger. There is a lot of flavour in the soup alone so I didn’t feel I needed to add too much more. The pork is also delicious by itself, as a separate meal. Enjoy! 🎏🍲🇯🇵🍴

Homemade miso ramen soup with Chashu pork


Chashu pork




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